2018 - Elders Insurance Rockhampton
Golfer Of The Year Competition

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Due to re-scheduling of the Scramble this year and a CQ Four ball qualifying event, we have changed some events in the upcoming days:
Sunday 14th October VW Scramble book online or speak to the Pro Shop on 49224098
Sunday 28th October Golfer of the Year
Sunday 11th November CQ Four ball Final at Capricorn Resort for qualifying players
Sunday 18th November GOY Final
Friday 30th November Menís Presentation Night
Monday 10th December Ladies Presentation Night

Report For Week Ending 14th October 2018

Wednesday 3rd October:
No results.

Thursday 4th October:
Thursday Club played a Single Stroke. 117 Played.
A Grade Winner: Michael Learmonth 68. A Grade Runner Up: Marc McGrath 71.
B Grade Winner: Bradd Dillon 69. B Grade Runner Up: Sully.
C Grade Winner: Joseph McGahan 71. C Grade Winner Runner Up: John Anderson 71.
Bradman: Mick Harris 100.

Pin Shots: Hole 2 Pro Shot Open: Les Berryman 1.79. Hole 7 2nd shot C Grade: Matt MaGahan: in the hole. Hole 8 2nd shot B Grade: Michael Walker 1.1. Hole 10 3rd Shot Open Project Mex: Mark Bawden 92cm. Hole 11: not won. Hole 13 2nd Shot Open Jolt: Greg Rideout 67cm. Hole 17 2nd shot Peter Boodles: Merv Keneally- in the hole.

Rundown: John Harris 71, Rod Carpenter 71, Ray Parsons 71, Willy Liefels 71, Mark Eather 72, Al Devonshire 72, Paul Bungey 72, Derek Jones 72, Doug Miles 72, Mick Godsmark 72, Leon Sadler 72, Paul Khoo.

Thursday 11th October:
Thursday Club played a Single Stableford. 99 played.
A Grade Winner: Shaun Antcliff 41. A Grade Runner Up: Col Lindsay 40.
B Grade Winner: Tony Hoffmann 37. B Grade Runner Up: D. Price 37.
C Grade Winner: C. Stewart 39. C Grade Runner Up: Andrew McDonald 39.
Bradman: L. Hopkins 20.

Pin Shots: Hole 2 Pro Shot Open: A. Chambers 1.02. Hole 7 2nd Shot C Grade: A. Keong 1.68. Hole 8 2nd Shot B Grade: P. Stockham 1.15. Hole 10 3rd Shot Open Project Mex: Shaun Antcliff 2.87. Hole 11: Not won. Hole 13 2nd Shot Open Jolt: Paul Bungey 1.35. Hole 17 2nd Shot Peter Boodles: Doza 0.28. Hole 18 NTP A Grade: Shaun Antcliff 3.98.

Rundown: J Borghero 38, J Crear 37, Lance Antcliff 37, G Harrison 36, Doza Anderson 35, Graham Young 35, A Breckenridge 35, Leon Sadler 35, Bevan Thompson 35, Charlie Lloyd Jones 35, Barry Hare 35, John Baly 35.

Saturday 6th October:
Ladies: Standard Scratch. Trophy Donor: Lorraine Smith.
Winner: Caitlyn Cox 71. Putts: Caitlyn Cox 27. Gross Winner: Lorry Donaldson 88.
Pro Shot Hole 2: Deb Cairge 3.24 2 balls. Hole 7: Lorry Donaldson 28cm. Hole 11: Helen Wastell 73cm.
Rundown: Caitlyn Cox 71, Lorry Donaldson 71.

Saturday 13th October:
Ladies: Standard Scratch. Trophy: RGC. Winner: Shirley Gleeson +6.
Pro Shot Hole 2: Cathy Jacques 5.83cm. Hole 7: Cathy Jacques 5.83m. Hole 11: Kerrie McHugh 76cm.
Rundown: Shirley Gleeson +6, Natalie McDougall.

Men: Single Stableford. Trophy Donor: Kevin Chopping & Shane Caird.
Winner A Grade: Rod Carpenter 39. A Grade Runner Up: Adrian Reynolds 39.
Winner B Grade: Michael Bennett 39. B Grade Runner Up: Michael Godsmark 38.
Winner C Grade: Ralph Minter 41. C Grade Runner Up: Max McDonald 40.

Pro Shots: No 2 All Grades: Brad Ferris 41. No 18 A Grade: Greg Scotney 3.42m. B Grade: Brian Applewaite 3.21m C Grade: not won. Club Shots: No 11: Kelvin Applewaite 2.85 (6). No 8: not won. No 17: Ralph Minter 32cm. No 13: not won.

Rundown: Ralph Minter 41, Max McDonald 40, Michael Bennett 39, Joseph Thomasson 39, Rodney Carpenter 39, Adrian Reynolds 39, Michael Godsmark 38, Scott Christiansen 37, Derek Jones 37, Joseph Van Nunen 37, Trent Lauga 36, Dale Price 36, Andre Steenkamp 36, Brad Ferris 36, John Curran 35, Brett McAtamney 35, Brian Sleep 35, Rusty O Brien 35, Paul Bungey 35, John Hamilton 35, Chris Bridges 35, Kevin Chopping 35, Aln Chambers 34, James Thompson 34, Nathan Harris 34.

Sunday 14th October:
VW Scramble.
Winners: Jason Busch, Richie Pershouse, Rowan Coombes, Kerrie McHugh 55.875.
Runners Up: Greg Rideout, Adam Anderson, Matt Richter, David O Leary 57.375.
Third: Rhian Applewaite, Tony Patterson, Brad Dillon, Brian Applewaite 57.875.
Fourth: Neil Rodda, Ben Halberstator, Eryl Lynch, Peter Hunt 58.275.

Coming Events:
Wednesday 17th October: Single Stableford. Trophy: RGC
Thursday 18th October: Stableford
Friday 19th October: Bluescope Golf Day 9.00am
Saturday 20th October:
Women: Single Stableford
Trophy: RGC.
Men: Single Stroke
Trophy: Ralph Minter, Tony Fitzgerald, Graham James, John Williams.
Sunday 21st October: Mobil Shield.




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